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Membership Requirements


  • Membership Dues: $65 for first member and $50 for additional member in the same family. A copy of each contestants birth certificate must be submitted with the membership application. If your child competed in the 2023 COJRA Rodeo Season, we already have a copy of their birth certificate on file. All others MUST submit a birth certificate. All birth certificates can be emailed to or a copy can be turned in the day of the rodeo. Please do not bring an original file... we will not have the ability to make a copy.
  • Membership dues must be paid by check.
  • Age shall be determined as of January 1st.
  • Membership and accumulation of points begin the day we receive the application, dues and the birth certificate.
  • Contestants must compete in 50% of the scheduled rodeos (not including finals) to be eligible for the finals. Contestants must compete in the finals to be eligible for year end awards.
  • Contestants must sell 2 books of raffle tickets to compete in the finals. Tickets will be distributed at the June 21st rodeo and will be due back at the July 19th rodeo.
2024 Membership Form
Terms & Conditions

We/I undersigned parents of the contestant listed above, a COJRA member, do hereby fully agree and consent to the participation of our/my child in such rodeo's. We/I, do fully release the COJRA, the producers, and other persons, corporations, and organizations in any manner assisting the sponsorship and production of a COJRA approved youth rodeo from any and all liability of injuries or disabilities of any kind or nature, whatsoever, suffered or inflicted to our child arising out of his/her participation in any such rodeo. We/I give COJRA permission to make public contestant event standings, dates and times of all rodeo events, as well as contestants entered; as COJRA deems necessary including, but not limited to rodeo programs, schedules, publications and the Internet. We/I execute this consent and release agreement with full knowledge of the risk inherent in such rodeos and admit that such risks are taken voluntarily by the contestant. We/I acknowledge that we have reviewed a copy of the 2024 Rodeo Season Rulebook that can be found by clicking the button below....

I acknowledge that I have read the membership requirements above and that we agree to adhere to the requirements set forth by the COJRA. By clicking the box below, I am agreeing to the terms and conditions listed.

Payment Options for Membership

Thanks for submitting!

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